Children’s Special Event 2013

Download a printable copy of the Special Event timetable here.


His Worship The Mayor of Port of Spain is host to the second City Hall event for children produced by The Bocas Lit Fest, organisers of the Trinidad and Tobago annual literary festivals for children and adults: the NGC Bocas Lit Fest and the KFC Bocas Children’s Festival.  Children from all over the country will assemble for a day of creative fun with some leading children’s entertainers, artists and musicians.



JOANNE HAYNES is the founder of Pepperpot Productions and is an award-winning writer, educator, youth motivator and rapso performer. Her first novel, Walking is a main text on the University of Trinidad and Tobago’s Literature curriculum. She won the Derek Walcott/TTW Children’s Literature Prize (2005) and was a finalist in the Commonwealth Short Story Finalist (2001).

Gregory THOMPSON is a teacher who writes a series of books for young readers called The Adventures of Mantie and Andy. His work features environmental themes. This year he published A Water Cycle Story and The Festival of Pollination.



NIKKI CROSBY is a popular Trinidadian actress and comedienne of television, radio and stage. She co-host of the “Wake Up with Nikki and Jace” morning show and is pursuing a degree in Psychology. She plans to open a pre-school NIkkiLand Nurseries.

ENYA HUDSON. with Make Over Girls Enya won the award for “Most Promising Animator” at the 2012 Animae Caribe animation. She is working on comic books, drawings, origami, and animation and is a 9-year-old student in Port of Spain.


KES the ILLUSIONIST is considered the Caribbean’s leading magician; he combines the swagger of a rock star and the soul of a poet with the wisdom of a master magician.


THE LEWIS FAMILY specializing in monologues, this is an award-winning group of brother and sisters from 8yrs to 15yrs


CHE LOVELACE studied painting and engraving at l’Ecole Regionale des Beaux Arts de la Martinique. He celebrates the Caribbean space, and this is the first time his work appears in a publication for children.


PENELOPE SPENCER. This seven-time Cacique Award winner is an esteemed actress, writer, dancer and teacher of drama, storytelling and creative writing at many T & T schools. She is a director of the Necessary Arts School and Necessary Arts ETC.


ADAM WALTERS an accomplished composer and French horn maestro working at the UTT Academy for the Performing Arts. He increasingly incorporates elements of Trinidadian folklore into his music since moving to T&T in 2009, as seen in Little Red Riding Hood.


Programme Partners


ANIMAE CARIBE was founded by Camille Selvon to raise the awareness of animation and technology in the Caribbean. It provides an outlet for young, innovative animators in the Caribbean and exposes their talents to a wider audience. In the last eleven years Animae Caribe has hosted several Oscar winning and nominated animators such as  Daniel Greaves, Erica Russell and Disney experienced directors including ‘ Proud Family’ Bruce Smith and Bill Plymton.


THE BRIDGE FOUNDATION recognizes the assets and resources of the Caribbean and the experiences of the global community, and is dedicated to bridging the best of both to strengthen institutions, systems and communities and to positively impact people lives within the Caribbean and their global communities. Bridge Foundation is head-quartered in Trinidad & Tobago and is locally aligned with organizations and institutions while remaining intrinsically linked to the global community.


IBIS ENSEMBLE was created to serve the communities of Trinidad and Tobago with chamber music of the highest quality.  The five musicians, all faculty members at the Academy for the Performing Arts at the University of Trinidad and Tobago, are committed to creating a body of literature that include arrangements of traditional and local music, as well as new commissions.  In addition to Little Red Riding Hood, by Adam Walters, Ibis Ensemble premiered Fragments 1, by Trinidadian composer, Dominique Le Gendre at a concert in collaboration with the US Embassy in January of 2011.


Musicians: Aidan Chamberlain – trombone; Caitlyn Kamminga – double bass;  Brian Kushmaul and Deborah Moore – percussion; and Duncan Prescott – clarinet.  Collectively, their experiences extend from the UK, across Europe and Asia, through North America and into the West Indies. They have performed with prestigious organizations such as the London Philharmonic Orchestra, the Royal Opera House, the Boston Symphony Orchestra and the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts in Washington DC.


PEPPERPOT PRODUCTIONS’ vision is to build a nation of patriots through raising awareness and appreciation for who we are as a people. They produced the national competition for children 8-12, What makes you proud to be Trinbagonian?, a popular CD of poetry called Conversations with Ka’en, and they are known to local TV audiences for Proud to B A T&T ME!  Joanne Haynes founded Pepperpot Productions, in 2005.


THE DEPARTMENT OF CREATIVE AND FESTIVAL ARTS, UWI, is committed to the exploration of the indigenous arts and culture of the Caribbean as a basis for education, training and practice of the arts in ways that are rewarding to the artist, beneficial to society, and render the region internationally competitive. This is the department for the exploration and development of the indigenous and contemporary arts of the Caribbean, as well as Caribbean Culture.  Headed by Ken Crichlow, one of T&T’s foremost artists, the 2nd year undergraduate class of the visual art department, in its entirety, volunteered to travel to the Mayaro and Guayaguayare  areas over a period of weeks to fulfill the art project conceptualized by the BRIDGE FOUNDATION.