Bloody Friday

How do crime and noir fiction help us make sense of the world we live in?
Day 1
29 Apr 2016

Get a clue

Authors Jacob Ross and Gillian Royes read from and discuss their distinctly Caribbean versions of detective fiction; chaired by Barbara Jenkins.
Barbara Jenkins
Gillian Royes
Jacob Ross

Pistols drawn!

Run for cover! It’s a Midnight Robber duel, as masters of the traditional Carnival masquerade trade their spine-tingling robber talk. With Sterling Kent, a.k.a Gamma Ghost, and Damian Whiskey, 2016...
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Damian Whiskey
Sterling Kent aka Gamma Ghost

Beware the Bookman!

What are the wages of sin? The wandering Bookman, Sylvan Joseph, with his book of the damned will tell you how the bill gets settled
Sylvan Joseph