Lost and Found

Why translation matters: a special programme of events at the 2015 festival, bringing together an array of translators and writers to debate how language both connects and divides
Day 1
30 Apr 2015

The business of translation

Translators Daniel Hahn and Frank Wynne, publisher Johnny Temple, and literary agent Ria Julien give an inside perspective on the publishing world’s view of translation 10.30–11.30 am • 1st Floor...
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Daniel Hahn
Frank Wynne
Johnny Temple
Ria Julien
Day 2
01 May 2015

Translating the past

Colonised by foreign invaders, forced to speak a new language, resisting a predatory ruling class — is this medieval England, or the modern Caribbean? Or both? Poet Patience Agbabi and...
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Barbara Lalla
Patience Agbabi

Patois: Trinidad’s heritage language

Linguists Jo-Anne Ferreira and Nnamdi Hodge pose provocative questions about the language spoken by many of our great-grandparents — and its impact on how we think and speak today. Chaired...
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Jo-Anne Ferreira
Nnamdi Hodge
Day 3
02 May 2015

Writing in tongues

Writers from three corners of the world discuss the problems and privileges of writing across language borders, and what gets lost — or found — in translation. Featuring Kei Miller,...
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Aonghas MacNeacail
Daniel Hahn
Gustavo Barrera Calderón
Kei Miller

Translation Slam

Literary translation as a competitive sport? Game on! With Daniel Hahn and Frank Wynne, “refereed” by Eric Maitrejean. 1 – 2 pm • Old Fire Station
Daniel Hahn
Eric Maitrejean
Frank Wynne