Watercolours by Jackie Hinkson

Art from Survival Kit #1, presented by the NGC Bocas Lit Fest

These watercolour sketches by Jackie Hinkson — official artist for the NGC Bocas Lit Fest 2020 commemorative poster — capture the rural and urban landscapes of Trinidad with the artist’s characteristic fluency of gesture. They share an avid attentiveness to how the imagination resolves what the eye perceives — details of colour, light and shadow, distance and perspective — into strong, compelling forms and patterns. Their depiction of ordinary everyday moments — a simple beach lime, flying a kite on the Queen’s Park Savannah, a driving excursion, or a visit to a neighbourhood parlour — reminds us of the familiar “normal” to which we long to return.



one kite rises

One Kite Rises Again


the essential parlour

The Essential Parlour


the road to

The Road to …


small in the landscape

Small in the Landscape


family together

Family Together


© Copyright Jackie Hinkson

Courtesy the artist

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