Children's Literature


Don’t Go Mango Picking

An ordinary day turns into an unexpected adventure… When Sandy and Deanna are lured into mango picking they discover that sometimes everything is not as...
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Zeee is a soulful and technicolour tale for young doers, dreamers and discoverers. The story takes its wandering readers on a whimsical adventure that speaks...
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Tales From the Forest

The children in these stories are children of the twenty first century. They live online and they’re never without their phoned or computers.But while they’re...
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Legends of Panderica

The Legends of Panderica book series tells the tale of a group of young enthusiastic heroes from the pan academy who made their way to...
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Makynuh and the Magical Curtains

Makaynuh & The Magical Curtains explores the pure joy, excitement and adventure that children are able to find or imagine in the simplest things, in...
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The Twelve O’Clock Man

The Twelve o’ Clock Man’ is set in two towns, a short distance from each other. The core story concerns the search for Peggy’s playful...
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