A Fiery Irishman

by Harold Moylan

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Author Harold Moylan
Year 2017
Publisher Self Published

Book Description

A look at the life of a 19th Century Irishman who left his peaceful home in Dublin, Ireland as a young lawyer and traveled to West Africa in 1873 and covered the Ashanti War as a Special Correspondent of the Times newspaper in London.

He next appeared in the West Indies as a Magistrate on the Island of St. Vincent in 1874. His next move was as the Attorney General of Tobago in 1877 and thereafter as Attorney General of Grenada in 1880. His combative nature and stickler for the strict observance of rules and regulations got him into conflicts with the Governors and other senior officials in all these islands.

However, it was his move to Burma in 1885, once more as the Special Correspondent of the Times covering the Third Anglo-Burmese War, which proved to be the most contentious of his overseas assignments. At first, he was on good terms with the British military and was the only member of the press at the end of the military campaign to accompany Colonel Sladen, the officer chosen by General Prendergast, the British military commander, to visit the Palace of King Thibaw and be accorded an interview with the King before his removal and exile with members of the Royal Family to India.

His reports to the Times were critical of the army’s conduct of the war which angered the top military brass and led to his being ordered to leave the area of conflict in Mandalay to Rangoon by General Prendergast. However, the editor of the Times used his friendship with the Secretary of State, Lord Randolph Churchill to have him overrule that order. General Prendergast, senior military officers and some high-ranking administrative officials, (including the Viceroy of India, Lord Dufferin) later accused him of damaging their careers in his subsequent quest for revenge.

Harold Moylan

Author Bio

Harold Moylan received his early education in Trinidad where he was born. He attended the University of Toronto, Canada where he obtained the B.A. (Hons.) degree in Political Science and Economics in 1964. He then returned to Trinidad where he was employed as a Senior Economist with the Government of Trinidad and Tobago. In 1969-1970 he proceeded to Germany on a one year scholarship awarded by the Government of West Germany to study “Industrial Management”.

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