Mahendra’s Answers

by Mahendra Mathur

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Author Mahendra Mathur
Year 2017

Book Description

The book is a compilation of Mahendra Mathur’s answers given on website Quora over a period of approximately one year. What follow are two samples of those answers.

When and where do soldiers in an active war-zone sleep? From 6 to 23 September 1965 I took part in operations against Pakistan in Fazilka sector. I survived on a diet of dry food in my haversack, bullets flying over my head, and sleeping in trenches and bunkers. Perhaps some of the opposing forces might have complained that they were sleepless most of the time!

How can I strengthen my aura, mind, will power and start manifesting for success?
The fastest way is to go within, in meditation. Cast away all restless thoughts and remain without negative thoughts as long as possible. In due course of time – depending on the intensity and frequency of your meditation – your aura will become angel-like and you will be able to imbibe right knowledge easily. Success will come when your intentions are great and you work for their fulfillment with your heart and mind with full faith in attaining them. Never despair.

Author Bio

Mahendra Mathur

After commanding an Engineer Regiment of the Indian Army in peace and war Colonel Mahendra Mathur came to Tobago in 1975 as Director of Claude Noel Highway Project. On completion of that project he was appointed Technical Officer, Works Division, Tobago.

In 1989 he was asked to be the first Director of a newly established organization – National Emergency Management Agency in which capacity he formulated the Natural Disaster Preparedness Plan, Hazard and Response Maps, and Chemical Disasters Preparedness Plan.

Colonel Mathur spent four months at Oxford Polytechnic in 1992 doing research on Hazard Assessment. He organized Disaster Management Workshops for senior officials from public and private sectors in conjunction with the University of West Indies twice a year. In 1998 he retired from NEMA and .now lives in Trinidad. He has written 12 books on his experiences in India and Trinidad and Tobago. and now spends his time answering questions posed from all over the world on the website Quora on History, Military leaders, Spirituality and Life in general

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