Soulspection: A Collection of Poetry

by Michelle Borel

Book Info

Author Michelle Borel
Year 2017

Book Description

In most cases, our hard times serve a purpose. The difficulties we live through help us aid others as they suffer through similar circumstances. Soulspection is a collection of poems written by a woman who has been through much but gained even more. Here, she shares her emotions, her fears, and her failures.

Michelle Borel believes that creativity links us to the Creator. In her words, she rejoices over the power of being a woman. She talks about self-respect in “Fool No More.” In “Free,” she celebrates the power of baptism. “Blinded by the Look” tears away the facade of physical attraction to the beautiful soul within.

Writing in a variation of styles from haiku to diamante, Borel uses her words to paint pictures and evoke emotion. She whispers to her readers, telling them they are not alone in their pain. To live this life to the fullest, time must be spent on introspection and retrospection–down to the very depths of your soul.

Author Bio

Michelle Borel

Michelle Borel started writing at the age of eight. Her poetry has appeared in international publications. She is also a sought after on-air personality in the Caribbean. Michelle is a wife. However, she passionately expresses that to date her greatest accomplishments are and will forever be her three wonderful children – Elijah, Chaydaa and Faith. After all, her children were her motivation in putting this compilation together. Having a rare blood condition known as Chronic ITP, Borel wanted to ensure that whether or not she was blessed with the breathe of life, her children could always hear her heartbeat. She firmly believes in putting passion into action, as we are not promised tomorrow.

Borel is also a Marketer and is tremendously fond of baking. In 2016, she was bestowed the honor of being the featured speaker of the Writter’s Union National Poetry Day. Also in 2016, she had the privilege of being the first Caribbean author to have a live reading aboard the largest ship in the world – Harmony of the Sea. She wishes that the dreams of her listeners and readers would wake up with them each morning.

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