To Glorify the King

by Agnes & Krystle Abdool

Book Info

Author Agnes & Krystle Abdool
Year 2016
Publisher Self Published

Book Description

This book will take you on a true and living experience of a young man’s life and how the Lord Jesus Christ who is alive in us took us through our challenges. Although growing up into a Christian home my faith was tested, strengthen and unwavered. Our 7 months experience was very difficult but my family’s faith in Jesus Christ with no compromise stood the test of time with every step of the way, we held on to faith and only Jesus. In good times we God, in bad times we praised God and in the worst of times we still praised God. The goal of ” To glorify the King ” is to share our experience that this book will encourage people from all religions and all walks of life to understand the power of God. As you read this book I pray that you will ask the Holy Spirit to consume your life and fill you so that you will never be the same again.

Author Bio

As a certified nutrition consultant and operating my own business promoting health to people the job I love most is being a Fisher woman of souls for Jesus Christ. I can’t help but be a bold witness for Jesus Christ and tell everyone of the plan of salvation.

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