Tropical Sunsets in Delhian Nights

by Kimelene Carr

Book Info

Author Kimelene Carr
Year 2017

Book Description

Kimelene Carr

What happens when a friendship explodes between a temperamental island girl and a practical Delhian guy?… Moments are shared as the sands are passed within the glass, memories are made that the universe keeps secret in its timeless past, hearts don’t fall in love, but rather pour la crème glacée, and tropical fires can only be fanned by the night wind’s beautiful tune in the silver light of a Delhian moon, that will forever last. Follow this beautiful friendship with its highs and lows, but which continues to grow… Tropical Sunsets in Delhian Nights.

Author Bio

Kimelene Carr is a Trinidadian author of four published works, a West Indian short read and three poetry collections. Apart from writing, she enjoys listening to music and collecting pins of abandoned places. She is currently working on a full length novel and continues to publish her poems on her blog, Painted Words at

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