Clary Salandy


Clary Salandy is a carnival artist, theatre designer and three-dimensional design tutor specialising in large scale body sculptures. She studied at The Wimbledon School of Art and is internationally known for her innovative carnival designs, for which she has won many awards. Her work has featured on several TV arts documentaries and in many prestigious world events, such as the opening and closing ceremonies of the first Afro Asian games in Hyderabad India and the Millennium Gran finale in Singapore.

As Artistic director of Mahogany Community Ventures Limited she has established a centre of excellence for Carnival, designed to raise the awareness of the arts in the community. Mahogany plays a key role in the regeneration of local communities being a focus for the arts from this unique Carnival Arts studio in Harlesden. For the past twenty years Mahogany has presented spectacular performances at the Notting Hill carnival and at other carnivals worldwide.

Clary taught on the Art Foundation Course at Central St. Martins School of Art and at the Prince of Wales’s Institute of Architecture. She has also lectured on several arts courses nationally and internationally. Her work for the musical “Carnival Messiah” won the Cacique award for outstanding costume design. (This is a National drama award of Trinidad and Tobago.)

Recently she was the artistic director of the creative performance for the opening ceremony of the Special Olympics in Leicester and she was one of the artists shortlisted for Artist taking the Lead.