People’s Choice T&T Book of the Year

A new annual award decided entirely by readers through online voting

The overall winner of the 2018 People’s Choice T&T Book of the Year, as chosen by the voting public, is Soulspection: A Collection of Poetry, by Michelle Borel.

The other books in the final voting round were (in alphabetical order by title):

21 Powerful P’s to Success, by Nichola Harvey
Don’t Go Mango Picking, by D.H. Gibbs
Everyone Knows I Am a Haunting, by Shivanee Ramlochan
Men and Misfits, by Lyndon Baptiste
The Repenters, by Kevin Jared Hosein

Congratulations to all the finalists!

The People’s Choice T&T Book of the Year, devised by Bocas Lit Fest in partnership with Newsday and NALIS, is a local annual award decided entirely by readers through online voting. The prize showcases the wide array of books recently released by Trinbagonian writers, and generates publicity for the most popular reads. 

Readers can debate, discuss and get excited about T&T books, and promote their favourites by encouraging votes for the People’s Choice T&T Book of the Year. 

The Prize

The winning writer will receive $5,000TT and a subscription to Newsday on-line, N Touch. 

How to Enter

Authors and publishers have two months in which to nominate books for the People’s Choice T&T Book of the Year by completing the nomination form below by 16 February 2018. All eligible nominated books will appear on both the Bocas Lit Fest and Newsday websites. Voting will only take place on the Bocas Lit Fest website. Click to download the People’s Choice T&T Book of the Year Guidelines


How to Vote

Publishers and authors will be responsible for the promotion of their book to attract voters. Voting begins on 23 February 2018 and takes place in two stages.

Round 1 (23 Feb – 25 April 2018): the public will select the Top 6 books from all nominated titles. Voters can vote only once, but can select up to 6 books.

Round 2 (1 May to 1 June 2018): the public will choose among the Top 6 to decide the winner. Voters can vote only once and can select only one book as their choice of winner.

Rules & Eligibility 

  • Books published or self-published in English between 1 January 2016 and 31 December 2017 are eligible.
  • The author must be a citizen and resident of Trinidad and Tobago. For the purposes of this prize, “resident” means living in Trinidad and Tobago more than 9 months of the year.
  • There is no restriction on book publisher’s location. Books published locally and internationally are eligible.
  • Authors must be alive on 31 December 2017.
  • Books must have an ISBN number and be available for sale.
  • Works of literary fiction of any theme or reading level (adult, children and young adult), short story collections, graphic novels, creative non-fiction and poetry are eligible. 
  • Illustrated or pictorial books are eligible once the artwork is used to support the text.
  • Co-authored books are eligible on the condition that all creative contributors are citizens and residents of Trinidad and Tobago.
  • Books published in e-book format are eligible.
  • Manuals and textbooks are not eligible (i.e., non-fiction works on topics such as religion, science, biology, facts and stats, math or social studies).

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