How To Write Dialogue and POV

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12 Nov 2020
5:00 pm-6:30 pm
Online Workshop

How To Write Dialogue and POV

Perfect for fiction and non-fiction writers!

One-on-One Feedback Guaranteed!

An interactive seminar in navigating the elements of writing dialogue and POV. Join Carol Mitchell, founder of Caribbean Reads Publishing, as she takes you through the necessary tools, tips and prompts for your fiction and non-fiction writing.

Author of eighteen books for children of all ages (three of those are forthcoming from HarperCollins).  Carol holds an MFA in fiction, a certificate in editing from UC Berkeley, and has taught literature and creative writing at George Mason University in Virginia, USA. Carol’s short stories have appeared in Akashic Books: Mondays are Murder series and in several Caribbean journals. She was short-listed for the Burt Award for Young Adult Caribbean Literature in 2016 and has twice been long-listed for the Commonwealth Short Story Prize. Carol continues to teach creative writing and to work on her novel. She blogs at

This seminar includes guided discourse, an interactive Q+A session and one-on-one feedback sessions, Carol will guide you through the fundamentals of writing in dialogue and POV and critical elements to your fiction and non-fiction writing.  Your short stories or manuscript excerpts submitted should not exceed 4000 words.

NOTE: This ticket includes two sessions: one interactive group seminar on November 12, and a follow-up one-on-one feedback session with facilitator Carol Mitchell. The ticket shows the date and time of the first seminar, after which we’ll contact you to schedule a 15-minute personal feedback session in November. 

Cost: TT$300

Supported by the Ministry of Tourism, Culture & the Arts