Workshop: Preserving your documentary heritage

Workshops / NALIS Presents
25 Apr 2018
9:00 am - 12:30 pm
2nd Floor Seminar Room

Workshop: Preserving your documentary heritage

Preserving your documentary heritage, with Danielle Fraser, NALIS conservator. In partnership with NALIS.

Authors usually have a number of valuable manuscripts and other documents they wish to hold on to or preserve for posterity.  The NALIS Library Conservator will conduct a workshop on the long-term preservation of paper-based collections. The topics introduced will include: Identifying and Combating Agents of Deterioration; Care and Handling Techniques; Protective Enclosures and Storage Conditions; and Simple Preservation Techniques.

The workshop will end with a tour of the NALIS Preservation and Conservation Laboratory.

There is a fee of $100TT payable at the door (cash only).

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