A conversation with Ngũgĩ wa Thiong’o

They Called Him Kitch

A biography with music of the legendary Lord Kitchener. Featuring music by Anthony Joseph - Producer, Krisson Joseph - (vocals/guitar), Mawasi Warner - (double bass) and Modupe Folasade Onilu - (Drums/Steel Pans).

UMOJA – Thicker Than Water

The diversity of the region is both complex and rich. Steeped in a history populated by peoples of various lineages, “UMOJA….Thicker than Water” is a concert which celebrates the African heritage of the region. In music, dance and the spoken word, UMOJA will present leading artists from Trinidad and Tobago as well as the region reinforcing the themes which underscore UMOJO. From the Swahili word for ‘Unity’, Umoja identifies that blood is thicker than water. As we celebrate Caribbean Unity in CARIFESTA XIV, Umoja will echo the sentiments of the ancestors and the importance of family whilst recognizing that all peoples of the Caribbean are united through our shared culture and history. Featuring readings by T&T writers Kevin Adonis Browne and Zahra Gordon.

RANGEELA – We Mark Your Memory

Throughout the Caribbean exists retentions of cultural elements derived from the first peoples to indentured migrants. “Rangeela….We Mark Your Memory” is a cultural showcase of literature, music and dance paying homage to the memory of the East Indian contribution to Caribbean culture. Complex and ever vibrant, East Indian culture continues to radiate with historical authenticity and modern explorations. Trinidad and Tobago boasts some of the region’s leading East Indian cultural icons, giving birth to new artforms such as chutney music. From the Hindustani word for ‘Colourful’, Rangeela celebrates the diversity of our culture and that the preservation of our identity, secures the memory of our forefathers for future generations. Featuring readings by T&T writers Patti-Ann Ali, Stella Chong Sing, and Gabrielle Jameela Hosein.