U.WE Speak & USC Speak

Spoken word, music, art and ideas on campus

U.WE Speak, at the University of the West Indies campus, and USC Speak, at the University of the Southern Caribbean campus, are spaces for students to explore societal issues through arts and discussion.

U.WE Speak is the oldest existing open mic in Trinidad and Tobago, established at the University of the West Indies in 2005 by Muhammad Muwakil, now of the Freetown Collective, and Nku Davis. U.We Speak takes place every third Wednesday of the month during term time.

Currently, both U.WE Speak and USC Speak are produced by the 2 Cents Movement, in collaboration with the Bocas Lit Fest, and remain a compelling part of campus life and a space for creative discourse.

On stage at U.WE Speak

On Stage at U.We Speak

What is the 2 Cents Movement?

A youth-led arts non-profit organisation focused on engaging youth in contemporary social issues. Born out of concern for the increasing apathy among the young, the ultimate aim of the 2 Cents Movement is to enhance the way youth think, speak, care and act in the personal and public spheres; make it cool to be conscious; develop change agents. Before becoming the 2 Cents Movement in 2012, the group was originally a university debating society.

Projects initiated by the 2 Cents Movement to date include SWRD 101 (a 12 week spoken word course) and 2 Cents for Change (video productions featuring spoken word artistes addressing issues on YouTube). Projects with the Bocas Lit Fest include VERSES Bocas Poetry Slam (a national spoken word poetry competition sponsored by First Citizens), U.WE Speak, USC Speak and Courts Bocas Speak Out Secondary Schools Tour.