From Thursday 30 April to Saturday 2 May, the children’s caravan joins the adult festival at the National Library in Port of Spain for three days of creative writing workshops, readings, performances, and the last of the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest storytelling events. 

On the Thursday and Friday, a number of schools are invited to interact with popular and engaging children’s writers, and to enjoy creative writing workshops. On Saturday, all children’s events are open to the public for a full day of family fun!

All events take place in the children’s area of the National Library, Port of Spain.

Day 1
30 Apr 2015
Day 2
01 May 2015
Day 3
02 May 2015
Day 4
03 May 2015
Summer Edward
Colin Bootman

Writing workshop for visiting schools

Lynn Joseph
Danielle Delon

The Making of Port-of-Spain

Sufia Giza Amenwahsu

Writing workshop for visiting schools

Lisa Allen-Agostini

Writing workshop for visiting schools

Kevin Jared Hosein

Interactive Reading: Little Town Secrets

Grace Achoy

Interactive Reading: The Black Lake

Diana McCaulay

Reading: The Dolphin Catchers

Eintou Pearl Springer

Writing workshop for visiting schools

Carol Mitchell
Imam Baksh

Reading: How Monkey Got his Tail

Eintou Pearl Springer

Storytelling Caravan: The Red House Bones

Verna Allette Wilkins

Reading: Benjamin Zepaniah

Senator the Hon. Raziah Ahmed

Interactive Reading: Moruga Tales

Drawing the Word

Colin Bootman

Reading: The Steel Pan of Harlem

Animation & Films

Sunday Lime