2016 Children’s Storytelling Caravan

The NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest Storytelling Caravan


The NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest kicks off with a month of free storytelling at venues all around the country for children ages 6-13.

Every Saturday in April, our storytellers invite the children to experience the magic of literature through storytelling.

Children should come prepared to share all their fantastic ideas to create new and wonderful stories. At every venue, the children are encouraged to craft a story based on a suggested title, unleashing and guiding their creativity and inspiring them to value self-expression through the written word.

The stories the children create during the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest are published annually in a book and in the Sunday Junior Express.

Note: pre-registration is required for these events. Only 30 spaces per storytelling session. To register, click on the storytelling event in the calendar below or call 71-BOCAS (712-6227).

Day 1
02 Apr 2016
Day 2
09 Apr 2016
Day 3
16 Apr 2016
Day 4
23 Apr 2016
Day 5
30 Apr 2016
Thelma Perkins

Drama at the Tobago Heritage Festival

Avion Crooks

The Smugglers at Cedros Bay

Auntie Thea

What’s In Our Backyard?

Auntie Thea

The Lucky Escape

Lylah Persad

The Mystery of the Seaweed

Lalonde Ochoa

Waiting for Baby Kara

Avion Crooks

The Mischievous Robot

Joan Osborne

The Ghost in the Lighthouse

Lylah Persad

Secrets of the Old Railway Station

Lylah Persad

The Disaster at the Kiddie’s Carnival

Auntie Thea

Bush Fire in the Northern Range

children-logosOn the day itself, Parents/Guardians must sign consent forms before the event begins and must arrive half an hour early with their children before the event starts.

NGC is the proud sponsor of the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest Storytelling Caravan. Snacks provided by Holiday Snacks Ltd. and drinks provided by Nestlé.