Big Ideas

Debate the questions of the day or of the ages with our panels of writers and thinkers, and join intimate salon conversations
Day 1
27 Apr 2017

Discussion: Are all rights created equal?

Human rights apply to all citizens, but should the needs of vulnerable communities — children, the disabled, the mentally ill — lead in setting the agenda? Youth activist Gregory Sloane-Seale,...
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Claudia de Verteuil
Derrick Sharbodie
Gregory Sloane-Seale
Ira Mathur
Keir Roopnarine
Day 2
28 Apr 2017

Discussion: Words + images

Writers and artists discuss books of hybrid genre where images are not merely illustrations and words are not merely captions. With Patricia Mohammed and Rex Dixon, authors of Travels with...
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Annalee Davis
Patricia Mohammed
Philip Nanton

Discussion: Why a free press matters

A free press is one of democratic society’s major safeguards — but the price of that freedom is permanent vigilance. Senior T&T journalists Wesley Gibbings and Asha Javeed debate the...
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Andy Johnson
Asha Javeed
Mark Wilson
Peter Kimani
Wesley Gibbings
Day 3
29 Apr 2017

Discussion: Not just in the family

When does the history of one family become relevant to a broader society? Kevin Browne of the Caribbean Memory Project talks with Felicia Chang; chaired by Judy Raymond.
Felicia Chang
Judy Raymond
Kevin Adonis Browne

Discussion: How change gets made

In the push to advance LGBT rights in the Caribbean, which platform leads the way — legislative action, the courts, high-profile activism, or grassroots organising? And what’s the value of...
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Angelique V. Nixon
Colin Robinson
Wade Mark

Performance: Human, right?

A human rights-themed Ole Mas competition Integrating this year’s human rights agenda with one of T&T’s most cherished folk traditions, revered for its wit and homage to “picong”, this competition...
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Day 4
30 Apr 2017

The books that made me

Writers Edward Baugh, Vahni Capildeo, Rajiv Mohabir, and Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné discuss their key literary influences with Ayanna Gillian Lloyd.
Ayanna Gillian Lloyd
Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné
Edward Baugh
Rajiv Mohabir
Vahni Capildeo

Discussion: Crime and punishment

As T&T struggles with a growing crime problem, is our criminal justice system helping matters, or making them worse? Justice Gillian Lucky, criminologist Ramesh Deosaran, teacher and writer Debbie Jacob,...
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Baz Dreisinger
Debbie Jacob
Gillian Lucky
Ramesh Deosaran

Discussion: The Invisible Editor

Magazines and journals are vital vehicles for sharing new ideas, and each is shaped by the interests of its editor. But should editors remain “invisible,” or take on a more...
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Kim Robinson-Walcott
Richard Georges

Stand up for your rights: a human rights open mic

Read your original poems or stories tackling human rights issues, and compete for the approval of Chief Justice Ivor Archie. With a feature performance by Midnight Robber Damian Whiskey.
Damian Whiskey