Children’s Festival Participants

The line-up of performers, storytellers and writers at the 2019 NGC Children's Bocas Lit Fest

Auntie Thea


Danielle Boodoo-Fortuné

Winner of the 2019 OCM Bocas Prize for Poetry

Everard McBain

Graphic Designer

Felix Edinborough

Pierrot Grenade

Freetown Collective

Poets, lyricists and musicians

Jeunanne Alkins

Author of Hatch

Lisa Allen-Agostini

Author of 'Home Home'

Lylah Persad

Storyteller, Actress

Nadella Oya

Director of Create Future Good

Oprah Francis

Author & Illustrator

Rubadiri Victor

Multi-media artist

Sufia Giza Amenwahsu

Poet and Historian

Warren Le Platte

graphic designer, illustrator and photographer