21 Powerful P’s to Success

by Nichola Harvey

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Author Nichola Harvey
Year 2017

Book Description

“21 Powerful P’s to Success” reveals Nichola D.R. Harvey’s personal success stories, journey and model. It includes the 21 principles that start with the letter “P” that contributed to her personal success.

Written in a very candid, genuine and conversational tone, “21 Powerful P’s to Success” seeks to inspire, guide and help others understand that success is in all of us and not some of us, that it is deliberate and it is a process and not an event.

The author believes that once you clearly understand and incorporate the following P’s, in your everyday life, more than likely you would experience success.

  1. God’s Promise
  2. Potential
  3. Possibilities
  4. Parents and Parenting
  5. Personal Planning & Plans
  6. Purpose
  7. Passion
  8. Perseverance and Persistence
  9. Positive People
  10. Peculiar
  11. Patience
  12. Prayer
  13. Positive Thinking
  14. Pride
  15. Pressure and Pain
  16. Part Ways & Press On
  17. Pull Others Up
  18. Praise & Thanks
  19. Preparation & Practice
  20. Process
  21. Plenty Blessings

Finally, 21 Powerful P’s to Success lends itself as a workbook and toolkit; as readers are encouraged to answer thought provoking questions and follow the suggestions at the end of each chapter.

Nichola Harvey

Author Bio

Mrs. Nichola Harvey is an Author, Social Entrepreneur, Management Consultant, Motivational Speaker and Part Time Lecturer. She has over twenty-three (23) years of corporate experience. Academically, she possesses a MBA (International), mini MBA in Telecoms, BSc. in Sociology and Management and attained several certificates. Nichola is a Toastmasters Competent Communicator and certified Entrepreneurship teacher. Her greatest achievement is being the Founder of We Say Y.E.S. Organization, an NGO focused on Youth Entrepreneurship and Self Empowerment.

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