Letters to Honest Folk

by Omavi Langevine

Book Info

Author Omavi Langevine
Year 2017

Book Description

Brutally honest, naked and unashamed, Letters To Honest Folk was written with immense belief in the power of being relatable. Somewhere out there, someone is longing for the comfort of knowing that they are not alone and alienated. That someone knows and understands the exact battle, thought process, pursuit, trial etc, that they experience. This book serves as a voice to the ones that struggle with articulating the dissonance of the heart. Filled with unapologetically honest letters on various existential topics, as well as, beautifully crafted selected poems, Letters To Honest Folk serves as an everyday inspirational tool and motivational asset to navigate life’s ocean.

Author Bio

Omavi Langevine

Trinidadian author and poet Omavi Langevine hails from Point Fortin with a unique sound and uplifting message. This highly opinionated and inventive artist’s love for words runs deep, and his dedication to use this gift to edify his physical and virtual communities is evident in all that he conceptualizes and creates.

Throughout his career, Omavi has been a member of Point Fortin’s very own Juenes Agape choir; been featured as a performance poet on TV6’s Cup of Joe, TTRN’s Free-speech project and 107.1 The Word; qualified as a finalist in many nationwide competitions and performed in numerous events in both Trinidad and Tobago.

The year 2017 marked two ‘firsts’ in Omavi’s career: the release of his first published book “Letters to Honest Folk”, and the extension of his art into the world of music.

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