Legends of Panderica

by Brian Benoit

Book Info

Author Brian Benoit
Year 2017

Book Description

The Legends of Panderica book series tells the tale of a group of young enthusiastic heroes from the pan academy who made their way to the museum of Natural Pan History. When they arrived, they are stunned to discover that the evil Pandemonium stole all the sacred music tones that gave life to Panderica. The adventure has began as the young heroes journey on a quest to retrieve all the sacred tones and restore the World of Panderica back to order.

Brian Benoit

Author Bio

Brian Benoit is the Chief Executive Officer of the Benoit Academy of Steel Pan, Executive Producer of Panimation Studios and Author of the Legends of Panderica animated book series, the first steel pan animated book of it’s kind which won the Ideas to innovation (i2i) competition for innovative excellence and commitment to shaping the future of Trinidad and Tobago and developing the education sector of the Steel Pan Industry.

Book Available

Hotel Normandie, R.I.K Bookstores and Benoit Academy of Steel Pan

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