Tales From the Forest

by Penelope Spencer and Lylah Persad

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Author Penelope Spencer and Lylah Persad
Year 2016

Book Description

The children in these stories are children of the twenty first century. They live online and they’re never without their phoned or computers.But while they’re up to speed with modern life, many of them have never heard of the characters their parents and grandparents talk about and if they have, they don’t believe in them. But la diablesse and the soucouyant, papa bois and the douens: these are the creatures of local myth and legend though they’re real enough. They’ve retreated into into the shadowy woodlands and some of them emerge when they ‘re needed to save the natural world from the assaults of humankind. Others though are what they have always been more sinister forces that still have to be battled in the age old ways.

Penelope and Lylah who both teacher drama to children, fill these pages with another kind of drama. The young heroes and heroines of their stories learn respect for the forces of nature for their elders and for the wisdom that has been handed down through the generations and that is still relevant today.

Penelope (left) and Lylah (right)

Author Bios

Penelope is multi award winning actress. Originally from San Fernando she is the mother to one boy and grandmother to four beautiful young ladies . She has had an extensive career on the stage and film as an actress and has written produced and directed a number of stage productions spencer has also been the drama teacher at Newtown Girls RC School for a number of years.

Lylah is the mother of one. She started her career at Trinidad theatre workshop in 2001 and has also worked outside Trinidad and Tobago producing and writing shows in other islands. She serves a s creative and artistic director of the lp entertainment theatre focusing on children’s camp and school tours across the country which deal with bullying and mediation through interactive storytelling and drama workshops. Se is currently also the pre school drama teacher at full quiver academy of excellence.

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