Letters To All, Sincerely A Nudist, A Naked Soul, A Naked Flame

by Léel Arlene Bain

Book Info

Author Léel Arlene Bain
Year 2017

Book Description

In this book I explore the burden of humanness from an introspective perspective. Often, we need to appear strong. We need to appear confident. We need to appear invincible.

When we do speak of our personal struggles, we scratch the surface. We give just enough to be able to identify with others but not enough to truly connect with others. And, that’s quite alright, you do not owe anyone access to the intricacies of your story. However, I have always had this heavy burden to expose myself so that I can allow others to really feel and understand that they are not alone. I have always been uncomfortably honest and refreshingly raw and this book comes from that place.

In “Letters To All’ I offer myself as a sacrificial lamb, I transparently delve into the nether regions of my darkness and light with hope that my words would hold your hands, while guiding you to another level of self-discovery, sooth your mind as you become acquainted with the lonely halls of self-confrontation and embrace your heart as you are elevated to another level of self-acceptance and self-love.

Léel Arlene Bain

Author Bio

Attorney, Spoken Word Artist, Dramatist, Poet, Writer.

Léel has always loved the arts and feels at home wherever creation and expression are central.

In everything she does her main desire is that lives are not only touched but impacted and that others are empowered. And if she can also inveigle smiles and laughter on the way, that makes it all the more worthwhile.

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