by Sheetal Daswani

Book Info

Author Sheetal Daswani
Year 2016

Book Description

Zeee is a soulful and technicolour tale for young doers, dreamers and discoverers. The story takes its wandering readers on a whimsical adventure that speaks to the magic and dreams inside the minds of all children. This 100% Caribbean gem is beautifully inspired and its message is powerful. Both children and adults marvel over the beauty of its watercolour illustrations and its poetic prose.

Author Bio

Sheetal Daswani is a mother, dreamer, author, wanderer, birth doula, educator and human rights defender. Sheetal works as an education consultant and writer on grassroots projects that are aimed at equipping at-risk communities with the tools needed to promote sustainable and meaningful social change. Zeee is Sheetal’s first published book, however she has authored several articles and human rights educational manuals.

The story of Zeee is inspired by the unrecognized, imperfect and chaotic beauty that is perpetually around us. Zeee was intended to awaken the senses, to enthuse wandering and wonderment, and to remind children to dream.

Book Available

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