City Hall Special Event

Children's Storytelling Caravan 2018
25 Apr 2018
9:00 am - 3:00 pm
City Hall

City Hall Special Event

Our arrival in Port of Spain is celebrated on Wednesday 25 April at the Imagine New Worlds event at City Hall, hosted by His Worship the Mayor Joel Martinez and the Port of Spain Corporation.

Three hundred children and teachers from schools all over the nation come together to celebrate a vibrant showcase of authors, artists, animators, poets and performers from Trinidad and Tobago and beyond!

The programme features:

·      International author Tracey Baptiste, creator of The Jumbies

·      Stories come to life with Daniel O’Brien, Jeunnane Alkins and Everard Mc Bain

·      Maya and the Magic Island by P.A.Ali dramatised by the National Theatre Arts Company

·      Performances by Penelope Spencer and Nicki Crosby

·      Majeed and Marcus of The 2 Cents Movement

·      Storytelling by Glenda-Rose Layne

·      The History of Woodford Square by The National Trust

·      Kess the Illusionist

·      Plus lunch in Woodford Square!

Events are free but pre-registration is required for schools attending the City Hall event.