Interactive Presentation: The Adventures of Bim and Bam

2017 Children’s Festival Programme
27 Apr 2017
9:15 am - 10:15 am
Children’s Reading Room

Interactive Presentation: The Adventures of Bim and Bam

Bim and Bam! Cartoon Series.

Bim and Bam are 5 and a quarter year old twins who get caught up in ridiculous adventures while on vacation with their family. At each stop on the trip, their parents tell them about an unusual indigenous creature that they are hoping to spot. While the adults are distracted, the twins wander around and stumble right into the creature, who confesses a peculiar problem…

Character development workshop.

The curious twins – Bim and Bam, Frankie: the confused flying fish, Sprat: the tactical agent Corbeaux, Squawk: the village loudmouth parrot , Bob: the air traffic controller Toucan and Ozzie: the bad guy radio dj – creator Jeunanne Alkins and scriptwriter Janine Mendes-Franco share insight into the process behind bringing the quirky Bim and Bam! cast to life.