2019 Children’s Storytelling Caravan

The NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest Storytelling Caravan 2019

Sponsored by the NGC, the Bocas Lit Fest continues its vibrant children’s programme, first, with a series of island-wide free storytelling events for children aged 5 to 13 years during the month of April. At every venue some of the nation’s best storytellers perform after which children are divided into two age groups, and invited to craft a story based on a suggested title.

Trained teams from the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest discuss ideas for story elaboration guiding children through the basics of exposition towards character development, observation of the environment, personal, social and community relationships. It is our hope that by unleashing and guiding the children’s creativity, they are inspired to value self-expression through the written word.

The stories the children create are illustrated and published annually in a colouring book and in the Sunday Junior Express. Note: Pre-registration by parents or guardians is required to book a space in all storytelling sessions.

Day 1
06 Apr 2019
Day 2
13 Apr 2019
Day 3
20 Apr 2019
Day 4
27 Apr 2019
Day 5
04 May 2019
Glenda-Rose Nassoma Layne

Waiting for the Ferry

Lalonde Ochoa
Lalonde Ochoa
Joan Osborne

The Sad Coconut Tree

Avion Crooks
Joan Osborne

The Magical Book

Avion Crooks

My First Business

Auntie Thea
Joan Osborne

Escape to Trinidad

Auntie Thea

This Old House

Lylah Persad

Trapped in My Phone

children-logosOn the day itself, Parents/Guardians must sign consent forms before the event begins and must arrive half an hour early with their children before the event starts.

NGC is the proud sponsor of the NGC Children’s Bocas Lit Fest Storytelling Caravan. Snacks provided by Holiday Snacks Ltd. and drinks provided by Nestlé.