Amen: A Great Light Within Divine Darkness

by Tevin Dube

Book Info

Author Tevin Dube
Year 2017
Publisher Self Published

Book Description

It seems as if the world is yet to see the likes of another Marcus Garvey Jr., Malcolm X, and even Martin Luther King Jr. all wrapped together within this fairly new and young inspirational author that is coming out from nowhere.

This book inculcates so many different themes that it can simply be considered a phenomenal masterpiece. It is a masterful display of words that it can be considered the Picasso of Writing. In all good sense, it is very much monumental.

It is not only philosophical but revolutionary and deeply insightful.

Not only is this book politically charged but it addresses many controversial issues such as racism; giving a totally new outlook of why racial inequalities do exists in that the entire world will never view the dark-skinned races the same ever again. Not even pigmented beings would ever be able to view themselves the same ever again. It represents liberation at its summit.

It also has compelling evidence incorporated with a prophetical but realistic nature showing the possibility of how modern civilization can and is in fact being led unto extinction. This book is very ambitious and overall personifies the continuation of greatness.

Tevin Dube

Author Bio

Mr. Tevin Dube is one of those rare young individuals in life who rose to the occasion: conquering all odds and breaking down barriers and boundaries. losing his father at 9, Tevin painstakingly persevered and epitomized the term Excellence after he graduated as the top CAPE Student and Valedictorian in High School in 2010. After self-publishing 2 books in less than a year, a 3rd is set to be officially released in early 2018.

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