Book of The Enlightened One

by Tevin Dube

Book Info

Author Tevin Dube
Year 2017
Publisher Self Published

Book Description

Book Of The Enlightened One is all about the divine inheritance when you choose to effectively manage your own thought-process. It is equipped to help you to take full control of your thoughts by mastering the greatest power known unto man – The Power Of Mind.

It shows that everything is a matter of perspective in the sense that it is up to you to see things from the mundane or from the dynamic nature that is yet still associated with all things. There is proof that a change in thought is a change in destiny, and with a shift of this proportion, the results end and begins in ‘New Creation’.

Book Of The Enlightened One is proverbial by nature, highly intuitive, but never yet narrowed down to any one religion in particular. It is filled with empathy but in a controlled manner. It is a holistic approach to daily practices that are universal as it definitely caters to the needs of the entire Human Civilization. It is geared at re-establishing and maintaining worldwide equity.

This book epitomizes the true knowledge of Self in ways that were never yet conceived or explored.

Tevin Dube

Author Bio

Mr. Tevin Dube is one of those rare young individuals in life who rose to the occasion: conquering all odds and breaking down barriers and boundaries. losing his father at 9, Tevin painstakingly persevered and epitomized the term Excellence after he graduated as the top CAPE Student and Valedictorian in High School in 2010. After self-publishing 2 books in less than a year, a 3rd is set to be officially released in early 2018.

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